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Reduce Costs and Speed Cash Allocation with Accounts Receivable Automation for SAP

Realize overwhelming benefits by automating traditionally manual, document-driven business processes.With quicker and more accurate payment receipt and reconciliation—and by allowing staff to focus on higher-value tasks—increase customer satisfaction and cash flow.


Making the Case for AP Automation: An ROI Guide

The AP Automation Calculator creates a customized ROI snapshot that incorporates the unique attributes of your company with an estimate for how long it will take your company to realize ROI and a better understanding of the best practices that can help your AP department work more efficiently.


Robotic Process Automation for Web Data Extraction

When your business depends on data from the web, manually collecting information from websites is neither scalable nor cost-effective. Kofax Kapow™ robotic process automation (RPA) is the market-leading solution automatically collecting publically available web data.


Solutions for Retail

The retail business is growing more complex and facing increasing pressure on margins due to globalization, competition, declining spending, changes in consumer behavior and technology. Retail companies can save cost, improve efficiency and customer service with a multichannel capture strategy.


Robotic Process Automation for Legacy Data Migrations in Healthcare

For many healthcare organizations, up to 80% of their IT budget is spent maintaining legacy systems. With Kofax Kapow™ you can create an automated, repeatable migration process for legacy application.


Robotic Process Automation for Healthcare

One of the challenges facing healthcare organizations is managing information spread across internal and external sources. A new digital workforce of intelligent software robots is helping them automate information from multiple EHRs, partner ecosystems, finance/accounting systems and payer portals.


Robotic Process Automation for Equity Research

With the mass amount of online data, obtaining accurate and timely data that research analysts need to make informed decisions is a challenge. The Kofax RPA automates the collection of web data that research analyst rely on to investigate markets and companies, their competitors and the industry.


Public Assistance

Kofax solutions to boost efficiency and lower expense in public assistance programs of all sizes. With Kofax, you get instant, secure access to case files, documents, emails, forms and more directly from your desktop or mobile device, to eliminate hassles associated with traditional paper processes.


One Click to Send and Receive All E-Invoices Electronically

You can now send and receive e-invoices quickly and easily using Kofax ReadSoft Invoice Portal™. It converts invoices to the format required by buyers, and then automatically transfers them to the correct receiver in the correct way, without requiring you to take any further action.


Technology and Expertise to Support Your Vision

If your customers need functionality that falls outside your expertise or if you have a vision for a product that exceeds in-house development capabilities, count on Kofax to deliver proven technology and support from our team of developers, insurance industry specialists and solution designers.

32 Results

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