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Is your accounts receivable department spending too much time manually allocating and reconciling cash in your ERP? The Aberdeen Group reports that improving cash flow projections and reducing Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) are the two greatest pressures facing accounts receivable teams today. After all, reducing the time for DSO means bringing in revenue faster – the ultimate goal of any company and AR team.

Automate the manual processes of matching remittance advice information with invoices and reconciling them in your ERP to positively impact your bottom line. By reducing manual payment allocation, eliminating bank fees, allocating cash more quickly and improving visibility, your accounts receivable department will operate more efficiently, cost-effectively and improve customer service.

Improved transaction efficiency allows time and energy to be focused on more productive, rather than reactive, customer-centric tasks, such as mitigating risk and collections, there is greater potential to reduce DSO.

Aberdeen Group The Evolution of Digital Capabilities in Financial Operations For Optimal Efficiency, April 2016

Helping Clients Succeed

Intesa Sanpaolo

Accounts receivable organizations using document processing can automate the process of matching remittance information with invoices to reduce the amount of unallocated payments. World-class finance organizations in our database have a 70% match rate for automated remittance posting. This is significantly higher than the peer group’s 35% rate.

The Hackett Group Using Advanced Document Process Automation to Improve the Financial Supply Chain, March 2016

Power Order-to-Cash Efficiency with AR Automation

When you replace manual work with best-practice automated processing in accounts receivable, you reduce costs, improve cash flow and cash flow forecasting, and drive greater O2C processing performance.

Power financial processing. Empower strategic performance.

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