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Businesses spend billions of dollars a year managing their receivables – much of it on manual labor. Despite this investment, most businesses are less than satisfied with their receivables processes.

Banks and third-party lockbox providers are looking into solutions to help their customers improve the level of integration, intelligence and control in their accounts receivables process.

Kofax iRemit is a cloud-based platform that dramatically improves the management of payments and remittance data in a highly secure and compliant environment.

Suddenly, providing instant access to payment and remittance information for customer service, working capital management, auditing and regulatory compliance isn’t difficult anymore.


Regional Banks and Global Investment Firms Trust Kofax

4/5 & 2/3

Used by four of the five top U.S. banks and two of the three largest U.S. third-party lockbox providers


50+ billion remittance documents processed

$360 Billion

$360 billion worth of receivables transactions per year

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Secure, scalable remittance processing in the cloud

Provide authorized users with anytime, anywhere access to the payment and remittance information they need by to respond quickly to customer inquiries, accelerate cash application and ensure regulatory compliance.

Power your remittance processing.
Empower your business.