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Seamless Capture Integration

The solution tightly integrates with Kofax Capture™ to capture documents from anywhere and from any source, including mobile

Intuitive Document Processing Interface

Handle exceptions with ease using just the keyboard for most tasks

Document Classifiers and Data Locators

Pre-configured classifiers and locators enable automatic document processing

Validation Rules and Database Matching

Go beyond optical character recognition (OCR) to ensure data is accurate by setting rules for validating and matching information in your database

Audit Trail of all Activity

Reporting allows you to monitor all automated and manual tasks in the capture and transformation process

Real Time Transformation Capabilities

Provide instant data display from captured documents to customers on their device of choice

Document “Learn by Example” Technologies

Avoid coding in design time and in production with technology that actively learns new document types as they are received and recognizes documents of the same type in the future

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