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Kofax ReadSoft Supplier Portal™ offers a secure, cloud-based location for you and your suppliers to easily connect and manage your invoicing relationship online. Streamline supplier relations and reduce the costs of managing invoices by hand. Simply connect your suppliers to the portal to provide them with secure 24X7 access to up-to-date information on your business relationship for compliance and regulatory purposes, with little or no manual effort.

Empower your vendors to self-serve

With Supplier Portal, your vendors can check invoice status, enter new invoices directly into the system, view purchase orders and “flip” them into invoices, communicate by adding attachments and notes, and manage their master data. And no matter how suppliers send their invoices to you (paper, fax, email, EDI or through the portal itself), all invoices can be presented together with current status information. The vendor portal works seamlessly with your SAP system and boasts easy onboarding with no associated fees.

Supplier portal from Kofax extends your AP automation capabilities to suppliers, reduces your supplier inquiries and eliminates billing mismatches. Supplier Portal:

  • Delivers key procure-to-pay information visibility to your supply base
  • Gives your suppliers the freedom to access to their own transactions and see status in real time
  • Improves supplier relationships by allowing suppliers to “self-serve” and manage their own information, cutting your costs
  • Helps you collaborate more closely with suppliers with less physical effort

Get paid faster with fewer supplier inquiries

Empower vendors to view, update and submit information

Eliminate paper from daily invoicing tasks

Simplify global tax payments and meet global e-invoicing mandates

Automate your invoice submission process in a secure environment

Enable immediate invoice delivery, avoiding costly mailing delays

Get Paid Faster, Build Stronger Supplier Relationships

Kofax ReadSoft Supplier Portal sits outside of your company’s firewall, meaning set up is easy. Its cloud-based infrastructure means it can be configured to work directly with your SAP system, handling all your business unit supplier relationships in a single, always-available location. Supplier Portal is delivered as a multi-tenant cloud solution that is free for your suppliers to join and use.

Provide a Simple Solution for your Suppliers

Suppliers log in to update their data, check and enter invoice information, view purchase orders and “flip them” into invoices, and send notes to communicate with you directly. Everything can be done online.

Save Time with Self-Service Inquiries

Reduce invoice inquiries when suppliers can view their own transactional details without engaging AP for questions, saving time and allowing staff to focus on high value tasks.

Improve Supplier Relations and Maximize Discounts

Suppliers feel more informed about the status of their invoices and when they will be paid with self-service access to purchase-to-pay data. By improving supplier service, you can negotiate better discounts and leverage dynamic discounting.

Facilitate Accurate, Smooth Invoice Processing

Reduce time matching up misaligned invoices when you allow your suppliers to “flip” a PO into an invoice directly within the site and you can process it directly.

Meet Government Standards for E-Invoicing

Global government mandates require companies implement e-invoicing to reduce errors and automate electronic payments to tax authorities. Implementing Supplier Portal helps you get in sync with government standards easily.

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