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Kofax SignDoc

Integrate e-signing into your business applications based on servlet and plugin concept, operating in combination with mobile apps and browser clients; leverage SignDoc Software Development Kit (SDK) for deeper integration into your business or mobile applications; choose option to fully white-label the e-signing solution

Workflow Management

Deploy an out-of-the-box workflow solution to integrate a signing orchestration, including workflow status and notifications; execute signing ceremonies via remote or in-person signing, even in offline mode

Administrative Tools

Enable secure user provisioning with multiple authentication methods, including SMS codes and knowledge-based questions

Multiple Deployment Options

Implement on-premise (behind your organization’s firewall), in the cloud or in hybrid mode; easily access through your business application, web portal or a desktop client

e-Signature Types

Trigger the e-signing process via click-to-sign or with handwritten signatures, the often preferred choice in face-to-face signing scenarios; signing triggered by handwritten signatures may include capture of biometric signals of the writing process according to the ISO/IEC 19794-7 standard; captured photos of signers and/or signer IDs may be added to document as ISO/IEC 32000-1 PDF standard compliant digital signatures

Signature Capture Options

Capture handwritten signatures on tablets at the teller to refresh the database with signatures from current processes; capture signatures on desktops or mobile devices like tablets or signing pads

Signature Verification

Verify transactional integrity with easy access to both document and process audit trails, without the cost and headache of maintaining additional software— all you need is a PDF reader; document validation is independent of connection to external services (self-contained document), so there is no vendor lock-in

Digital Business Processes

Facilitate entire business process digitally from the initial customer contact to the signing of a contract through out-of-the-box integration with Kofax TotalAgility and Kofax Customer Communications Manager

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