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Speed Time to Closure with Faster Signing Ceremonies

Cut the time needed to complete contracts or obtain approvals from days to minutes with multiple scenarios for e-signing—whether your customer is in a store, branch, in the field or online remotely.

Drive Performance with Faster Processes

Increase your success rate of closing new business by enabling faster, easier signing ceremonies. Accelerate your time to market of additional products and services by pushing new e-forms to the point of sale.

Reduce Risk via Additional Layers of Security

Mitigate your risk of external or internal fraud attempts through additional layers of trust, leveraging multi-factor authentication, digital certificates and signature biometrics.

Ensure Compliance with Complete Audit Trails

Improve compliance to legal requirements such as US ESIGN Act and EU eIDAS regulations and avoid litigation with a traceable, end-to-end audit trail of all process steps and transactions. Obtain clear proof of who signed (signatory), what they signed (content status of a document at time of signing) and when they signed (date and time).

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