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Process-Aware Analytics

Kofax Insight™ delivers analytics in the context of your business processes so you can analyze how expected and unexpected process executions impact metrics such as customer or patient satisfaction, document capture costs profitability and more

Process Visibility

Capture, organize and display process data that is often contained in many different sources, while quickly and easily viewing how your operational processes flow across multiple systems for a complete picture of your global business processes

Powerful Analytic User Interface

Coding-free creation of customized reports, easy-to-use analytic dashboards, data delivery, alerts and more to all end user devices

Unique MetricsMart

One enterprise metadata library ensures a single version of the truth while enabling codeless analytics and improved data access, performance and security

Governed Data Discovery

Centrally configure, manage and monitor shared server resources while empowering business users to design and deploy dashboards

Unified Platform

A single integrated solution that doesn’t require third-party technologies for data integration, transformation, computation and statistical analysis, process discovery and analysis all the way through delivery of interactive dashboards

Insight Diagram

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