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Drive Process Improvement with Actionable Analytics

With combined process and business intelligence, you can analyze expected and unexpected business process patterns and see how they impact key performance metrics. You’ll also see process execution in the context of your business metrics. By linking data and metrics to steps in your business processes, you gain the insight necessary to mitigate processing issues and achieve new levels of efficiency and compliance.

Retrieve the Information You Need, When You Need It

Whether your data is sitting in a spreadsheet, software library, SAP Business Warehouse or locked away in separate systems of record, Kofax Insight can retrieve the data you need, in real time or on a schedule. Combined with Kofax RPA integration capabilities to acquire, enhance and deliver information, data from websites and web portals can easily be added to extend your analytics. Without the need to gather information, you’ll quickly get down to the business of analyzing and driving operational success.

Optimize Your Data Discovery Process

Kofax Insight enables rich dashboard development and customization using a programming-free, browser-based, point-and-click interface. You can create and share tailored dashboards without the intervention of IT or third-party tools.

Scale Without Limits

Overcome in-memory limitations of other solutions. Exclusive MapAggragate technology combines the speed of in-memory processing with the scalability and flexibility of a distributed in-memory model allowing you to scale beyond the resource limits of a single-server by intelligently using the memory and CPU available on any physical or virtual server.

Rapidly Design and Deploy Process Analytics

A single platform means organizations are typically operational in two to four weeks, much faster than typical business intelligence initiatives. Even the most sophisticated implementations can be deployed without programming.

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