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Five Case Studies to Inspire Your AP Automation Strategy

Five Case Studies to Inspire Your AP Automation Strategy

Is there an untapped opportunity for epic transformation and cost-savings in one of your most essential back office functions? According to organizations worldwide, automating end-to-end accounts payable processing is a big win.

This e-book highlights five success stories from Kofax customers. Here are just a few of the benefits they’ve achieved:

  • 400 percent increase in productivity per person
  • 70 percent decrease in cost to process a single invoice
  • $76,000 saved in one year

If your enterprise is dealing with high volumes of invoices, gaps in your ERP’s coverage or compliance issues, like meeting new mandates for e-invoicing, streamlining your AP processes can make a huge impact. Download the e-book to find out more about how AP automation can transform your business.

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