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Analyst Perspective: RPA Advances Organizations Toward Intelligent Digital Workforce

IDC Financial Insights recently completed its second report on automation in the financial services industry.


AIIM Emerging Technologies Report: Enhancing Your RPA Implementation with Intelligent Information

In this report, AIIM's recent research identified key pain points RPA is addressing for organizations today, as well as factors keeping them from taking their RPA deployments to the next level.


The Essential Guide to Accelerating Invoice Processing: Boost accuracy, improve cycle times and reduce cost with SaaS-based APIA

Accounts payable teams are caught between two opposing forces. On one side, there’s a push to maximize performance and reduce operational expenses. On the other side, there’s dealing with legacy systems and manual processes. Break down these barriers and automate your invoice processing.


Your Intelligent Digital Workforce: How RPA and Cognitive Document Automation Deliver the Promise of Digital Business

This eBook reveals how organizations can automate the processing of document-based data using cognitive document automation (CDA).


Making the Case for RPA: Your guide to getting internal buy-in for robotic process automation

You’ve got a problem: Slow, manual processes. And you know exactly what the solution is: Robotic process automation. Now, all you have to do is drum up internal support to get buy-in for RPA. But who needs to be in on the decision…and what’s the best way to “sell” your internal stakeholders on this transformative technology?


10 Ways to Improve Your Customer Experience: How Robotic Process Automation & Cognitive Document Automation Power Your Processes

The foundation of a great customer experience is a seamless, automated, self-service, mobile-first, personalized, secure process…but how do we redesign our legacy systems, silos and manual processes to achieve it?


AIIM eBook – GDPR: How Robots Help Comply

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is here: all organisations that process or hold personal data of EU residents must allow customers to review their stored data, “rectify and amend” their data—and even invoke their right to be forgotten. Those that fail to comply can face heavy penalties.


Power Your Processes: How RPA + Capture Empower Your Customer Journeys

Customer experience is the primary driver of digital transformation. But what is the key to creating a successful customer experience? It’s automation, which Forrester calls “one of the most profound and disruptive forces in human history.” Where and how should your organization leverage automation in critical business processes?


The How-to-Guide for Your AP Automation Plan

Bringing together people, processes and solutions with the goal of automating your accounts payable workflow can be a daunting project. Whether you’re removing process bottlenecks or reducing invoicing processing costs, you need a plan to help you navigate your implementation.


Go Beyond Paperless Achieve Digital Transformation with TotalAgility

Everyday demands of satisfying today’s mobile, always-connected customer—and staying ahead of your competition—require business agility. Perhaps you’ve taken steps toward digital, but still have miles to go to modernize your most critical business processes, Kofax TotalAgility® can help.

40 Results

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