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IDC White Paper: Intelligent Automation's Role in Creating a Hybrid Workforce

Robotic process automation (RPA) is now augmented by intelligent automation (IA). This IDC Analyst Connection white paper examines the benefits of applying Intelligent Automation to a broad range of business use cases to improve business operations.


IDC Study: Today's Market Need for a Holistic Software Approach for Smart MFPs

With a continued reliance on printed materials, creating a smart document workflow enhances the value and utilization of MFPs. This IDC report reveals the current state of printing needs and best practices to manage workflows.


Power Your Financial Processes, Empower Strategic Processing Performance

End-to-end automation in areas such as procure-to-pay, order-to-cash and record-to-report with RPA not only improves visibility into operations but frees finance and accounting to focus on handling exceptions, gaining insight into operations and ultimately driving the business forward through process improvement.


Five Case Studies to Inspire Your Intelligent Automation Strategy: How to Digitally Transform Your Operations End-to-end and Scale Across the Enterprise

Organizations that work like tomorrow use artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA), mobile technologies and other Intelligent Automation solutions to transform operational capacity and performance across the enterprise at scale. Discover the power of Kofax Intelligent Automation in these five case studies.


Aberdeen: Achieving Accounts Payable Excellence in the Cloud

The Aberdeen found cloud-based accounts payable (AP) solutions offer superior invoice management and optimize AP performance. In this report, Aberdeen explores the business case for SaaS-based invoice processing and moving AP to the cloud.


Automating Accounts Payable: How to Turn Hyper Efficient Accounts Payable into a Cash Contributor

Leveraging a modern approach to performance excellence driven by technology and a shift in mindset is key to opening many new opportunities for Accounts Payable.This white paper by SSON Industry Insights examines leading AP trends, with a focus on data-led insights and an evaluation of market opportunities.


Intelligent Automation: Scaling, Expanding and Excelling

This white paper examines what it means to take an elevated ‘platform approach’ to Intelligent Automation, while also positioning the Center of Excellence, which is an organization’s ‘office’ for scaling automation and navigating the operating model impact driven by introducing a digital workforce.


Balancing Document Security with Workforce Productivity

Nothing is as routinely mishandled, overlooked, abused, and subject to waste as documents. But we can’t survive without them. In a very real sense, documents are your business.


Why Your Documents Are Dangerous

Organizations have made massive investments in technology–yet productivity hasn't risen and they remain exposed to data theft. This white paper explains how documents generate risk and what companies can do to mitigate it.


Stop Your Swiveling: Transform Finance and Accounting with Robotic Process Automation

The greatest threat to productivity and accuracy for finance teams is spending too much time completing manual and repetitive tasks such as document management, moving data across systems, lengthy approvals and long closing cycles. Robotic Process Automation and Cognitive Document Automation can transform these roadblocks and improve productivity.

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