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3 Questions With Chris Huff: How Are Companies Across Verticals Grappling With The Impact of Coronavirus?

Businesses are facing unprecedented challenges right now as they seek to survive the pandemic. Chris Huff, Kofax Chief Strategy Officer, explains how organizations are finding their "New Normal" by reducing costs and leveraging transformative enterprise software platforms.


Chris Huff, Chief Strategy Officer at Kofax: The Intelligent Enterprise - Achieving Hyperautomation to Power Business-wide Transformation

With automation and emerging technologies poised to disrupt every industry, it’s critical you have the tools to ensure your organization is ready to navigate this era of change. We’ll look at how an AI-enabled intelligent automation platform can empower your organization to digitally transform at scale, deliver long-term profitability and execute on your brand's core purpose.


Podcast: Kofax’s Chris Huff Talks Intelligent Automation with CIO Talk Network (CTN)

Although the buzz around intelligent automation continues to accelerate, it can be difficult to uncover which vendors can truly deliver on the promise of a smart, integrated approach to digital transformation.


What If You Could Work Like Tomorrow?

True digital transformation is about working smarter across your organization, from the front office to the back office, to boost efficiency and revenue. It’s about enabling employees to work better and faster, and delivering a seamless customer experience. Discover how an intelligent automation platform with embedded AI can transform operations end-to-end—and help you build the tomorrow you want, today.


Work Smarter with Kofax Intelligent Automation

Manual processes and simple siloed automation solutions are not enough. To work smarter in today's world, you need Intelligent Automation. But, what does that mean? It means an AI-enabled platform to digitally transform your end-to-end business operations. Discover how our flexible intelligent automation platform can help you.


Davies Turner Transforms Customer Service with Kofax RPA

Freight forwarding and logistics specialist Davies Turner transforms customer service with Kofax RPA™. Emma Curzon, Business Analyst Manager shares how automated inventory and order tracking provide customers with insights into stock and shipments and helps teams work more productively—enabling the company to take on more business without increasing headcount.


Duncan & Son Transportation Creates a Better Work Experience with Kofax RPA

Duncan & Sons employees no longer need to manually enter in information. A Kofax RPA robot simply scans the pdf, finds the order in the transportation management system and saves a copy of the document in the appropriate file. With employees focusing on higher-value work, staff retention is higher and attracts new talent interested in technology to join the company.


Duncan & Sons Transportation Leverages Kofax RPA

Within months and without coding, Duncan & Sons created and deployed over 70 robots to fill and manage 6,000 containers per month. Their digital workforce traces containers and automatically feeds that data to their transport management system.


Intelligent Automation Insights: ABN AMRO Bank NV

With successful Kofax RPA implementation, ABN AMRO Bank NV looks toward Kofax Intelligent Automation platform to build their digital workforce to Work Like Tomorrow.


Intelligent Automation Insights: Yorkshire Building Society

With successful Kofax RPA implementation, Yorkshire Building Society looks toward Kofax Intelligent Automation platform to build their digital workforce to Work Like Tomorrow.