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Redwood Logistics Boosts Business Volume while Maintaining Steady Labor Costs

Prior to its acquisition by Redwood Logistics, LTX Solutions wanted to meet increasing demand for its logistics services while maintaining steady costs. The company implemented Kofax RPA™ software robots to automate tracking and auditing, enabling it to triple order volume while keeping costs level.


North American Logistics Company Supports Rapid Growth with Invoice Processing at Scale

Following a period of strong growth, this North American logistics company saw a dramatic increase in invoice processing requirements—which threatened to drive up costs significantly. To support continued growth, the company uses Kofax RPA™ to handle 500,000 invoices a month and drive cost savings of $75 million.


Duncan & Son Lines Connects Dispatch Planners with Timely Logistics Data

To protect its margins, Duncan & Son Lines aims to get 6,000 containers per month on the road as soon as they arrive in port, but manually gathering this data from the web increased the risk of delays and demurrage fees. Today, the company uses Kofax RPA™ to capture the data rapidly—boosting efficiency and reducing costs.


Marginalen Bank Harnesses Automation to Shrink the Cost of Compliance

Know-your-customer (KYC) controls are crucial for banks to ensure regulatory compliance and minimize risk of fraud, but manual processes can reduce efficiency and raise costs. Marginalen Bank is using Kofax RPA™ to automate due diligence security checks on all loan applicants—saving 16 hours of manual work per day.


Global Telco Provider Switches to a Faster, More Efficient Approach to Invoicing

This telecommunications provider moved to a fully digital mailroom, and harnessed Kofax RPA™ to power fast, accurate electronic invoice processing. The new approach supercharged productivity by up to 400%, helping the company pay bills faster and reduce late payment penalties.


Trius Lifts Back-Office Efficiency and Accuracy by Automating Invoice Processing

Long-winded manual processes made Trius’ accounts payable (AP) processes slow and error-prone and threatened to curb growth. To address this, the IT service provider deployed Kofax ReadSoft Online™ to automate 95% of invoice processing—achieving a time saving of 80% and empowering employees to spend more time on value-added activities.


TUI Achieves End-to-End Automation of Financial Processes

TUI is the world’s leading tourism group. Targeting increased automation across the finance function that supports its European business units, including processing 5 million incoming invoices annually, TUI deployed Kofax ReadSoft Process Director™ for SAP, boosting speed, consistency and standardization.


Cottyn Slashes Time to Organize Documents with Kofax Autostore

To maximize efficiency in client service, law firms need to automate as many manual processes as feasible. Brussels-based firm Cottyn turned to Kofax to automate the scanning and entry of client documents into its CRM system.


ICIS Speeds Data Gathering for Incisive Analysis

To identify opportunities in fast-moving petrochemical markets, ICIS must supply its analysts and editors with accurate data. To shrink the risk of human error and free its employees from repetitive work, ICIS uses Kofax RPA to automatically collect, structure and deliver data from multiple online sources.


Crete Carrier Corporation Revolutionizes its Logistics Operations

Crete Carrier revolutionizes its logistics operations with robotic process automation, powered by Kofax RPA™. Streamlined scheduling allows the company to get ahead of competitors to secure prime delivery slots—improving on-time delivery rates and saving time and costs—while freeing staff from tedious manual work to focus on building better relationships with customers.

138 Results

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