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Randstad US Deploys RPA “Robots” to Speed Data Capture and Streamline Staffing Operations

Using Kofax RPA, Randstad has successfully streamlined timesheet processing, eliminating thousands of hours of manual labor and helping avoid the weekly scramble to meet tight payroll deadlines.


North American Food Manufacturer Implements a One-Stop Shop for Invoice Processing Using Kofax

Business growth was stretching paper-based accounts payable processes to the limit. By moving to a digitized and automated approach, this North American food manufacturer slashed the purchase-to-pay cycle from weeks to days, and has doubled invoice volumes while increasing headcount by just 1.5 full time employees.


Max Hamburger Restaurants Enables Accurate and Efficient Invoicing with ReadSoft Invoices from Kofax

Max Hamburger Restaurants needed a way to efficiently manage company invoices across its chain of 107 restaurants. By deploying Kofax ReadSoft Invoices, it is able to automate more and more of its invoicing processes, increasing business agility while reducing the risk of errors.


Kelag Powers Efficiency Gains with Robotic Process Automation from Kofax

Climate and energy politics and social and technological developments are significant challenges for energy suppliers. To increase efficiency, Kelag decided to automate data entry and the process of comparing rankings on price-comparison sites with Kofax RPA.


Intesa Sanpaolo Empowers Staff to Focus on Strategic Tasks that Boost Productivity

Intesa Sanpaolo wanted staff to focus on promoting its products and services, but employees found much of their time consumed by tedious manual work. By deploying Kofax Transformation Toolkit, Intesa Sanpaolo has fully automated lower-value tasks, which frees up precious time for its staff to focus on selling and customer service.

130 Results

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